Simtronics SD10 Flame Detector. New Open Box Item ( C3H8)


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Brand New Open Box Item


  • Life-safety performance approved; ATEX  & CSA
  • No field recalibration
  • Dual skin weather protector – no filters / gauzes or sinters
  • Planned maintenance with HART
  • SIL 2/3 certified
  • The GD10 Series has been designed with features that provide an effective response to the detection of gas hazards in a wide range of industrial environments from boiler plant rooms to offshore petrochemical installations.

    These infrared gas detectors differ from all other models, because they utilize silicon based solid-state infrared sources. The complete optomechanical design and construction is so stable that an ultra fast speed of response can be achieved while providing unparalleled service life and detector stability, thus saving on maintenance and service costs.

    We offer the longest combined detector and IR source warranty on the market.

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