Lemag Premet C XL Engine Cylinder Pressure Analyzer. Made in Germany.


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The LEMAG PREMET C is a state of the technology electronic cylinder pressure indicator. All measured data can be evaluated immediately on the high resolution colour display, including all the curves and diagrams previously only known from computer based evaluation software.

The LEMAG PREMET C electronic cylinder pressure indicator is available in different versions, each one optimized for the user’s needs. The simple and self-explanatory software structure allows this versatile instrument to be operated using only four robust stainless steel buttons. The large integrated memory allows all measurements and engine data to be stored in the instrument itself. As a matter of course the data can also be evaluated on a computer using the WPREMET or PPA software and sent by e-mail for evaluation or storage. The heart of the instrument is the pressure sensor.

Using the latest technology from Kistler Switzerland its accuracy and lifetime are setting a new standard. Quick measurements are possible without needing to stop the engine to install sensors.

For more a detailed engine analysis the LEMAG PREMET C can also be equipped with a TDC sensor, which enables the instrument to measure mean indicated pressure (MIP) and indicated power. On large slow speed engines the LEMAG Multiscan- Sensor can be used to measure the crank angle with a physical resolution of 360 degrees to ensure that the measured data is of an optimum accuracy

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