Fugro DGPS Antenna Part No AD430-3141.


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A robust, compact, symmetrical antenna, the AD430/3141 or AD430/7080 (figure 1 and plate 1) is recommended for reception of low power satellite transmissions at either DGPS or GPS frequencies down to -130 dBm in areas where general purpose antennae are inoperable due to L-band interference.

Electrical Specification


The antenna element is a shaped dipole with right hand circular polarisation, an omni-directional radiation pattern in azimuth and good reception down to 5 degrees in elevation.


The element is connected to a built in GaAs FET amplifier via an interdigital filter. The amplifier gain is factory preset within the range 30 dB to 48 dB, with a total noise figure of less than 3 dB (figure 2) including the filter. In order to suppress L band interference, the filter has a narrow pass-band, with significant attenuation of out of band interference: An example for DGPS reception within the band 1531 to 1541 MHz is shown in figure 2, whilst for GPS reception the pass-band is centred on 1575.42 MHz. Other bandwidths and pass-band centres are available on request. In order to minimise insertion loss, the interdigital filter components are  machined from high conductivity copper.


The amplifier is phantom powered via the coaxial output lead with a 5V to 20Vdc supply at  typically 30mA. The antenna complies with EMC requirements and is CE marked.

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